September 28, 2006


This, I am not pleased with, but it is my sketch, so it's posted here. I had a heck of a time with these colors!

September 27, 2006

Local Store

I am using this as my sketch for my "Local Store" challenge. I figure it qualifies because people are purchasing food and because I was there to draw them. I was surprised at how easy it was to draw in public without folks getting offended; but they were pretty absorbed in what they were doing.

I have tried to re-upload this sketch three times to get it so that you can click on it to view it larger. For some reason blogger won't let me do it. It is unfortunate because you really do need to be able to enlarge it to see the people properly (sometimes blogger stinks)

September 26, 2006

Fresh Pineapple

I went with my Girllie friend, Donna, to do some sketching. We went to a local fresh produce stand and did a sketch, then decided to go back to her house and try our hands at painting her pineapple. It is amazing to have two people look at the same subject and find two totally different ways of presenting it...

I will be posting the sketch from the fruit stand either, later tonight or tomorrow.

September 20, 2006

EDM challenge #18 Draw the view out your window

This is the view outside the window where my art "nest" is. When I was painting it, I forgot that I was going to leave space to add the Hummingbird the next time it came to feed, so it ended up being just the feeder. I was pleased with the way the glass came out.

I had this post done this morning, but blogger was giving me fits.

September 18, 2006

Potato Chip

My schedule has been so erratic lately, I am having a hard time consistently drawing. I was at a loss tonight...

September 15, 2006


Turning the page and changing the season is what came to mind this morning when I saw IF's topic for this week...

September 13, 2006


I painted this from a photo that I took a month or so ago. The car was way up at the end of the road but I liked the red tail lights in the painting, so here they are. Again, my scanner did okay, not great with capturing the colors in the painting.

September 12, 2006


Looking around for something to draw, my eyes landed on this useful but deadly looking device!

The paper really in a beautiful linen color but the scanner opted for pinkish...

September 11, 2006


I have some problems with this, mainly that the kids are HUGE compared to the barn. I tried to make the fence darker and bigger at this end to make it appear closer. I don't think it entirely saved the thing. I liked the idea for this painting, maybe when I get better I can do it right on a large board. I was pleased with most of the rest of the things in it. The chickens are a little stiff legged but not the worst I have done.

September 09, 2006

Two Poppies

I have up loaded and deleted this twice now trying to get the colors correct. It is either great oranges or great yellows, ya don't get both! I wish I could show you the original, the colors ,with these artist paints, just sing. I do wish I had done the sky a deeper blue though. Oh well, tonight it was amazing that I even posted anything, I had a hard time forcing myself to draw. My Mom is visiting and it is just plain difficult to concentrate!

September 08, 2006

Road Home

Took a trip over to the coast today, just a "Sunday Drive", through the foothills. I love the foothills, vineyards interspersed with old farms, as well as lots of Valley Oaks.

On the drive home I came around a curve and this is the moon that I saw. I knew it was getting full ( mainly because of other bloggers mentioning it), but it has been rather foggy in the evenings here the past few days and I hadn't seen it yet. I did tonight...

September 06, 2006

Dog Treats

Tonight I just wanted to draw something simple; dog treats served me well. I thought at first that I would try the water challenge, but I am too tired. While I was drawing, two very intense sets of eyes were watching my every move. "What was she doing with those snacks, certainly not getting ready to eat them herself?!"

I must say, I love the way this Raffine sketch book handles the water. I also find the vanilla bean color, very pleasing! I did also ordered 2 larger Aquabee pads, to see how they compare.

September 05, 2006

Blue Door

I realize the door is a little wonky, I was more interested in playing with the color and shadowing on the agave (doesn't really look like an agave since it is made up, probably more like a flax), than anything. I was however, temped not to post it, but since I have said that I wanted to go back to posting daily, as much as possible, up it went! This is the last page in my old sketch book (thank goodness!), and I just received my Raffines, the weight of that paper is much better, the binding is large though.

September 03, 2006

This is my Art Space. I would love to show you some divine desk, in a room with floor to ceiling windows, over looking the ocean, but...reality is, this is where I create. The box with the rooster on it, is where I keep my paints, inks, pads and extra brushes the rest are in the art bag I posted last month. Note that I did add a 2nd light to the area. My ever growing assortment of books "of the moment" are in that little cabinet my paint palette is sitting on.
The recliner is probably the main reason for the "list" to my drawings. The one thing that is like my fantasy art space is the floor to ceiling (almost) patio door beside my chair. Outside that door is the patio and stretch of garden with the birdbath and lavender that I did drawing of a month or so ago. My husband just hung up a humming bird feeder right outside the window, so shortly, I am sure, there will be drawings of them too.

September 02, 2006

This is a painting from a picture I took yesterday when Donna and I took my dogs for a hike out at Benicia State Park.

I worked this a little differently than I usually do. I laid down the paint first, let that dry and then came back in with my pen this morning and added the simple lines; I love the looser look. All was well until I tried adding the two small rocks on top to try and cover some variations in the first wash, the save was okay, but I liked it better without them.

I have gotten away from posting something everyday, although I am drawing or doing something with paint and paper everyday. I have done a lot of paint swatches the last few days to see what kind or tones and depth I can get with my new paints. I thought I would save you from the boredom of viewing those, besides, it is really hard to get a true feel for the depth and tone of mixtures in scans, I think. At any rate, I am going to get back into the habit of posting as close to daily as I can again.