November 20, 2008

Gathering dusk and AZ. rock

I liked the quick colorful way that the rock turned out. One of these days I'll trust myself to use BIG watercolor paper; I have 2 pads an 8" X 10" and a 12"X 14" but I keep "saving" them for something special...duh.
The other painting was again just a quick splash of paint on paper as the dusk was gathering, 10 minutes later the whole sky turned beautifully orange!

Another of the Rio Grande and a meadow

Here's the larger version of the eariler quick painting I did of the Rio Grande. The other one is just a quick painting of a meadow that I took the dogs for a walk in one morning.

Barn by Mancos, CO

Gosh the gaps in my postings are awful! I just haven't had Internet service! I know I can go into almost any library and post, I'm just lazy!
This was a barn that caught my eye off the side of the road. I loved the erratic fence posts and the yellow trees.