June 20, 2007

EDM Challenge #124 Something Yellow

This particular animal, in this particular position is affectionately known as "Miss Hollywood" , her real name is Bridget. I have tried to paint and draw our dogs several times with absolutely no success! This was really quick and she got up and moved as soon as I got the rough outline in pencil so the color tones are all from memory... She's half Yellow Lab and half Golden Retriever, so she does qualify as something yellow...

Putah Creek Rocks

I went up to Putah Creek the other morning with the intent of painting pictures of the Creek. I was too impatient to want to work with frisket out in the open so settled on painting this outcropping of rocks instead. The main problem I see with this painting is that I didn't have my rocks taking up as much of the page as the foreground so the viewer gets a little lost on what the main subject is...So it's up to you, Dear Viewer, to use your imagination to reinvent my picture...I did like the tone in the rocks and the tones of the sky though!