October 18, 2008

Spruce Cone

I picked this Spruce cone (pretty sure that's what it is) up this afternoon. Loved the curl of it and the blend of lights and darks in the seed sheaths. The photo came out really blue, I should have just re-shot it in the morning but it was done and I was tired, so here it is.

Up on the Rim of the Rio Grande looking down

I did this quick sketch one afternoon, sitting at the top of the trail leading down in to the gorge. Yep, took the hike down, not a problem, now the hike back up was a whole different story! Although this was quick and I didn't catch a lot of details, I was pleased with the feeling of depth that it captured. If you find yourself in Nothern New Mexico and have the time, a visit to the Wild Rivers BLM area is well worth it! It snowed the last day we were there after being in the 80's a few days eariler.

Down on the Rio Grande River

Spent the past 3 weeks on the Rio Grande River these are a couple of quick sketches that I did while we were there.
The first one was done with Tombow watercolor brushes. I forget sometime how different and fun they are to use! The second one was just a very small (maybe 3 X 5) impression to use for the larger one I did the next day. I haven't gotten to getting that one ready to post.