July 19, 2007

Cloud practice

I'm working on painting clouds...looks like I still need some work...I got confused somewhere along the line and thought I'd missed an EDM challenge for "Clouds" so did this. These things are NOT easy but they are FUN! I'm also practicing painting with a sponge; yes, I know there is a "sponge" challenge, not ready to do that one yet, still learning to paint WITH it.

July 17, 2007

At the Sea

Went to the sea a few days ago and although it wasn't cloudy and it wasn't cold, this is the picture that I painted after I got home...I saw this woman standing off in the distance and I just liked the way she looked so I painted her, as quickly as I could, while I was there. After I returned home, I painted in the background and the shoreline. I'm still learning how to paint the ocean so that it appears to "move". I think I have a problem where the water comes to a point in the middle, didn't catch that till after I posted this, oops! Playing with the breaking waves at the edge of the shore was fun and I really liked the finished shoreline. Any suggestions on painting the sea would be gladly taken!

EDM #127 "Skyscape"

I had painted this the same day the EDM challenge for "skyscape" was posted but I've had to change the way I have been scanning images so had put off posting it. I definitely need to work on perspective drawing! But here it is, just the same, the colors in the sunrise were correct, it's soft blue at the top and pink near the horizon, it's hard to tell in this scan so you'll have to take my word on it! Loved the way that part came out...