February 06, 2008

Life in the country

I was going to the post office to get the mail and ran across this scene at the end of our road. My neighbor obviously was not happy that the pig from the farm behind us had escaped and was laying waste to her flower bed. The pig didn't seem to be very bothered by the whacks from the broom either. By the time I returned the pig was gone and the farmer was attempting to repair the escape hole in his fence; peace was once again reigning in the Glen.
I tried to stay loose painting this. Things were going along fine while painting the pig but when I got to the woman...well suffice it to say, "she was fiddled with way too much". It would have helped if I'd done even some stick figure drawings to get her posture and the angle of the broom right, her hands are choked too far up on the handle,but it is what it is... My original plan was to have the house real sketchy and barley discernible in the background but her face and the house were almost the same tone so I had to go back in and fiddle with house to darken it enough to make her face stand out so the house got fiddly and became part of the subjects...


Blogger Teri C said...

The joys of learning. But what a cute story and great way to capture it.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Lin said...

Good job, Tami! And what a story!! Yep, life in the country!!! LOL

4:55 AM  
Blogger Jana Bouc said...

This is priceless. I love the purple pig. I think the picture tells the story just great!

11:39 PM  

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