December 16, 2007

Stormy Sea

Had the first storm blow in today that we've had in a while. When I took the dogs down to the beach to see what the sea looked like, I decided to try to paint the water hitting the rocks and some of the turbulence of the rest of the ocean. This was my first attempt at trying to really capture the movement of the water. I found out how important it is to preserve those whites. It's ok, some things I like about it, some feel over worked. I'd love to get some other opinions on what I could do better and how...


OpenID katequicksilvr said...

Hi picked a difficult subject to begin with! You did capture something of the motion and drama of the stormy sea, but since you asked, I'll offer a few suggestions for next time. :-)

It would be a more interesting and more dramatic picture if the upper explosion of surf came above the horizon line and broke up that smooth line, overlapping it and coming up into the sky (and congrats, you got that line well--ocean horizons generally look horizontal--I guess hence the similarity of the words!)

The sky is VERY nice, a real stormy feel to it...

The dark lines in the breaking surf would be more interesting if they weren't quite so evenly spaced, and perhaps fewer of you say, more white! And on this side of the rocks, they might be more curved to suggest that the rocks are rounded...the straight lines down make them appear to be flat slabs of rock.

Lovely contrast between the dark, wet rocks and the white foam...

You've done a really good job--just needs a few tweaks!

Cathy Johnson

7:17 AM  

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