August 18, 2006

Well, I know this is very boring for you, however, for me it is most exciting! First off, I can see the real colors on my watercolor paper. I can see that the scanner does not pick up the clear yellow, that is a bit frustrating as it wasn't a cheap scanner. It may just need adjustments... What I am excited about since you can not tell it from this scan, is how many different greens I came up with just using 1 yellow (pure and clear), 2 golds and 2 shades of blue. Green has been one of the hardest colors for me to come up with. The greens that were in the travel set that I bought just weren't good for much, every time I tried mixing my own, it came out muddy. The copy of this chart is so far off, you can't tell anything from it, so you will just have to take my word for it. These Daniel Smith paints are wonderful! A tiny drop goes along way and the colors are deliciously clear.


Blogger Lin said...

Tami -- My scanner does the same thing and it's brand new -- I am constantly making adjustments in Photoshop -- I think the whiteness of the paper does something with the 'glare' ... let me know if you are able to fix it ... Also I'm curious how you like Daniel Smith better than Winsor-Newton?

4:16 AM  
Blogger Teri C said...

You have me interested too Tami. Keep showing us. As for scanners...sometimes I take a digital photo because the scanner just doesn't do it.

7:03 AM  
Blogger Jana Bouc said...

Good for you for doing color tests! It's really helpful for learning what you can do with your colors. I did pages and pages of green mixtures, trying out all of my blues. I've since reverted to starting with a tube green and altering it as needed. I use Sap Green, Viridian and Thalo green and add varying amounts of yellow or blue to get what I want. That's too bad about the scanner. Do you use Photoshop or Picasa to correct the color balance? Picasa's free. I always try to adjust the image in photoshop to get the white to be white and that usually fixes the rest of the colors.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Robin McBet said...

Nice paintings! Your concerns for details should recomend u for a home decorator, ever tried?

You should also try to post pictures of your works made with a high definition photocamera, after they had been edited(in terms of resolution and image size). Keep up the good work.

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