June 19, 2006

Since I like it so well when you all show the stages of your work, I thought I would show you how these pen and ink drawing start out. This is the beginning of another practice work sketch that I am working on. Again, this isn't a drawing from one of my pictures or from any thing of mine, it is a practice work sketch from Frank Lohan's book, Pen and Ink Techniques. I have drawin the out line sketch and will fill it in either tonight or tomorrow. When I am done, I will post the finished work (maybe even some where along the way).

I have been pretty busy the last few days, I have drawn but just not much to post. I have one drawing that I did that was inspired by a passage in a book, I can't find the passage and the picture doesn't make a lot of sense with out it. If I figure out a good way to paraphrase what the passage was or find the passage, I will post the drawing.


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