May 16, 2006

I am so pleased with this, I know it isn't great, but I have tried to paint this section of my yard at least 5 different times and always gave up in frustration. This morning I was reading some of the EDM messages and came across a note Karen had left one of the members. She said that people think that when you paint a picture, you just start in one corner and paint. That was exactly what I was trying to do! When I read that I decided to try laying in blocks of color first and then adding detail, OMG! what a difference! Never having had any art lessons, I am learning this by tid bits, books and lots of mistakes! I can still see a lot of places where I over worked this , but for the most part, I like it!!! What I did learn was that when I am laying in blocks of color I still need to keep in mind the basic form of what that is going to be. I had a couple of spots that I had laid even horizontal lines of color when I should have done them more blotchy. Like I keep saying "I am learning"!


Blogger Linda said...

Wonderful job on this! Learning watercolor can be a life long challenge - but it is a fun journey! :-)

3:33 AM  
Blogger Lin said...

This is BEAUTIFULLY done, Maggie!! I light the light touch you've used, the lines, the composition, the details!! I can SEE why you're pleased!!! LOVELYLOVELY LOVELY!!

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Laura said...

Yay for you!!! I love reading how happy you are with this---and well you should be! It will be so much fun to see how you build on this one, but don't be surprised if there's a bit of backing and filling. (At least, that is the way I experience the after-a-breakthrough time!)

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Judith said...

WOW! I love it. I can see why you are charged with this one. The process is so interesting. It is wonderful you can think it through. I agree, your enthusiasm is wonderful, in fact, it is contagious.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Karen Winters said...

Great job, Tami ... you are on your way into the wonderful experience of watercolor.

9:55 AM  

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