July 28, 2006

Some days I feel like my paintings might come out just as well if I turned to paint brush with the brushes up and the handle to the paper! yesterday morning felt like that. I was really unhappy with my "cold" painting, but then I did the Morning Glories and this morning, the Fountain Grass, and they came out fine.... I love the movement this grass adds to the garden!


Blogger Teri C said...

Beautiful Tami! You have captured that movement so well. I bet it is a joy to behold!

You are on a roll here! Great!

11:15 AM  
Blogger Lin said...

Tami -- you're a girl after my own heart!! I LOVE ornamental grasses and have a yardfull ... there's a wholesale ornamental grass grower not 30 minutes from me -- my property looks like an extension of his!!

I LOVE your grass sketch!!! SUPER JOB, Tami ... lots of movement there with the gentleness that the wind plays on these beauties!!! LOVE IT!

11:16 AM  
Blogger Karen at Pen in Hand said...

I like the tips of the grass the best, and the great color.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Jana Bouc said...

I know what you mean!!! But this is beautifully painted and has a really feathery feel to it. Lovely!

11:44 PM  

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