July 21, 2006

I haven't drawn with any consistency for the last two weeks and I am finding that I am avoiding it. It isn't that I don't like to draw, I just find myself feeling like it is unfamiliar and the old belief that "I can't draw" starts to set back in. Tonight I decided to just draw what was in front of me, so this is the house next door. This is actually, last nights sunset which I was to lazy to paint last night. I think part of my hesitation is due to seeing so many things that I would like to paint and just not knowing yet how to capture them. Practice, Practice, Practice!!!


Blogger Jana Bouc said...

I like it and I like that you just painted what was in front of you. Yay! The sunset is really pretty and the building and trees are interesting and nicely drawn.

12:03 AM  
Blogger Jan said...

I know exactly what you mean. I've been drawing for many years and I still can't 'feel' any ability in me at all, ever. And when those weeks slip by, the doubts come back. But the skill is actually stable. I (and you) can draw, we just don't feel or think we can. Great drawing by the way. Captured the time of day perfectly.

12:16 AM  
Blogger Lin said...

AH that ol' "P" word again -- but this is lovely, Tami .... and you CAN DRAW AND PAINT WELL!! Beautiful sunset and composition, Tami ...!!!

3:33 AM  
Blogger Tami said...

Thanks Y'all! That is why I keep showing up on our blogs - the support is immesurable! Without your voices, the inner critic becomes way too loud!

6:35 AM  
Blogger Teri C said...

Such pretty soft colors in this. I love it. Your practice is paying off!! Keep going.

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tam, I just wanted to ask you about the coment at Lauras about time shift. I being self taught hear on my art journy go there some times and its magical. But not often enough because my Art Jouney has just started a year and some months I want to know when you can always go to this place. Lauras work over this last year has been a flower blooming for me.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Tami said...

I still haven't learned to disappear into that time shifted space at will,yet. Sometimes I just seem to totally sink into what I am doing and it happens. I wish I knew how to do whenever I draw because you are right, it is magical!

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Tami, don't think about it, just do it. Every day, no exceptions. Eventually it will be a habit and you won't have to fight the resistance at all. You can do it!

9:41 PM  

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