August 12, 2007

Mike and Tyler in the waves

I tried sketching my Son and Grandson playing in the waves at the beach. Again, I was working on too small of a pad to get the detail that I wanted. I will sit down again in a day or so and sketch one of Tyler to complete the scene.
Since I have very little practice or skill at drawing portraits, this was a definite challenge.


Blogger Lin said...

Way to go, Tami!!! This is looking very very good!

2:38 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Actually not bad for a sketch from life. I doubt if I could come up with anything that good, because I tend to be too much of a coward to sketch moving targets in public! ;-)

I don't think using a small pad necessarily matters, because when sketching the idea is to capture the main forms and lines rather than lots of detail. It is often more a question of what to leave out rather than what to put in.

Keep up the good work, and let us all know at EDM when there's more to see! ;-)

12:15 AM  
Blogger Tami said...

Brian, I would love to say this was a moving target, it's not, it is don form a photograph. The "small pad" comment was because I end up trying to add too much detail in too small of a drawing and get frustrated.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Anthony said...

This is great! I read once that a little bit of mystery -- allowing things to be framed out of the sketch, either on purpose or by accident, is actually a desirable quality in a sketch. I don't know whether you'll find this of any interest, so forgive me in advance, but I usually try to decide what is the most important thing in the sketch, then draw that first, whether it's on the bottom of the page, or over to the right, whatever, then let the rest of the sketch go where it wants to, even if it gets framed out. I really like the shading and the line work you've done here, too.

10:21 PM  
Blogger phthaloblu said...

This is a great sketch, especially being from life and the subject being on the move. I find sketching people in my small moleskine too confining. Usually when I sketch the figure I like to have a larger sketchbook because I don't like to be limited. I noticed when I work in my small moleskine and if I'm working on a figure, I worry about my boundaries and I don't do that with landscapes or objects. Keep up the great work!

12:35 PM  

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