April 03, 2006

I thought I would introduce you to our "marsh", I live about three miles from "The largest Estuary in the U.S." this, according to the sign posted at the entrance. Size doesn't matter in this case, I love the birds out here. In the spring the white pelicans come here to nest, they are my favorite. They have a different flight pattern than most of the other birds, I call them "the ballet dancers of the sky" they just do these lazy circles around one another and over head, very little wing flapping. They are very shy, usually staying just out of really good reach of my lens. On the ground, their awkward gangly appearance totally belies their grace in the air. Incredible!


Anonymous Judith said...

I am playing catch up here! The marsh is incredible. You must see and learn so much from the the birds and other wild life in the estuary. I am imagining the white pelicans as "ballet dancers of the sky"--great image!

5:43 PM  

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