April 02, 2006

Okay, this is a pretty wonky drawing, but at least I tried it. I have a hard time with circles, I think I may try drawing them with little tic lines instead of one solid line, next time. Any way, this is the tin that I keep my beloved nibs in. It originally held book darts (little copper arrows the slip onto the page of a book, for marking references). I loved them also but, alas, so did my three year old Grandson, he had a thing about opening the tin and dumping the darts everywhere. Now the book darts, what few are left, are marking the pages of my packed up, dearly missed books, and the nibs are safe in my art bag...

I think this weekend (Tue / Wed for me) I may try some ink and wash combos for a change. I haven't done very many but I really like the look when I see what others have done.


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