April 11, 2006

These are my drawings from last night,in the one on the top the flower in the lower right hand corner was bugging me, I felt like it looked like stitches on the edge, so I went back in and "fixed" it, that is the one on the bottom. The only problem with the"fix" is I think I over did it (this is what typically happens when I don't leave well enough alone).

This is all done in ink except for the WC wash for the background. I wish I could really do justice to the Lamium, it is such a beautiful plant with frosted silvery mint green leaves with a dark green edge. It is a wonderful shade plant for ground cover especially in a dark shade where the leaves really pop. Okay, enough shop talk, I sound like I am at work regaling the customer with the merits of my beloved Lamium.

More rain today, I believe I am going through sun withdrawals...I am almost afraid we are going to skip over spring and go straight into summer (90 - 110 degree temps. A-A-U-G-H!), I love spring and feel jipped when it ends up being short.

Well, I need to go find some poor hapless victim for today's drawing. I love some of the people sketches some of you illustration bloggers have been doing lately. Lin made the comment that you need to practice quick sketching to get quick, I think she is right, I need to practice it. It would be much more fun with some of you guys out to practice with though.


Blogger Lin said...

These are glorious, Tami!

5:30 AM  

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