April 08, 2006

I am done with my sketch page from my trip to the marsh. I wanted to add the two birds to fill the page better and because I had stopped to fully watch and enjoy them both. Of course, as fate would have it, I had finished everything and liked it all very well and was adding THE LEG to strider when my ink suddenly decided to FLOW. Now, I have used this pen dozens of times and the problem is always not getting enough ink to flow, but nooo not this time. So Strider's leg is a little jacked up...I was already going in to attempt to fix the problem of it being too wide. Live and learn, maybe it still being a little wet from the orange ink made the black flow more than usual.

I am trying to improve my sketching skills and style because we are planning a trip out to
Colorado in July. I want to be able to do some on the spot sketches along with filling in with the details from my pictures.


Anonymous Judith said...

Your sketch page from the marsh is filled with wonderful little scenes! That Strider has a lot of personality. I like the position of his inquisitive little head. Seeing your sketches makes me want to try drawing & painting--something I have not attempted as an adult & it is such a shame. Very exciting to hear you will have a trip to Colorado in July!

5:30 AM  
Blogger Tami said...


I firmly believed that I COULD NOT draw up until about a year ago. I had gotten a hold of a couple of books that insisted that EVERYONE can draw, the problems are 1) not believing that you can and 2) not really SEEING what you are drawing (Danny Greggory taught me this in his books). The second reason, to me was the biggest hang up and still is, I get in a hurry and that messes up what I am working on every time. Just try it, you will amaze yourself!

6:39 PM  

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