April 15, 2006

Nothing really exciting today, just trying out some simple gesture work. One of the things I did notice is how many people put their hands in their pockets. These folks, with the exception of the guy at the top with the dog, didn't have theirs that way but during some slow moments I did some real quick jots in a small pocket note pad I had at work. I was amazed at what a useful invention the pocket is, after all what would one do with that dangling appendage? The woman in the lower right corner had on a hooded sweatshirt, it had started to rain and instead of using her hood to cover her head she used her package from the store. The guy walking the dog now needs to have rhinoplasty because my pen seems to have given him an awful growth below his nose. But all in all, I put some attention into how people stand and in trying to quickly catch those fleeting movements. I was pleased.


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