June 23, 2008

His Majesty and a couple of the Girls

Don't know what it is about chickens that I find so cool but if they are around, I've got to spend time with them.

My friend, Dee has a flock and I gotten to spend some time getting acquainted with them. I loved the way the he came out, the Girls, well not so much...But a good time was had by all, so there ya go.


Blogger Lin said...

COOL COOL COOL!!! Love the stance on him!! Super job, Tami!

5:05 AM  
Blogger Teri C said...

Oh fun Tami. I love that proud look on his face as he looks back at his 'girls'. You really captured him well!

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a cute scene...he has attitude galore!

3:44 AM  
Blogger Alison said...

He does look delightfully 'up himself'

3:20 AM  
Anonymous Susan Cornelis said...

Your chicken has great Attitude!

8:21 AM  

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